Linear Day



In order to enhance the artwork using line, I used the lines in the way I did in an attempt to pull the viewer across the page and create movement within the piece. I often feel that I am simply dragged or pulled along with the flow of my day. By using curved and flowing lines I hoped to create that sense within the piece. I also added some difference in my line weight to help show that the flow changes within itself while the main parts of the day stay constant.

In terms of keeping things constant, I created an overall consistent line that all of the events lay on help move the viewer through the day. It also keeps everything together and connected. Without it, the piece would look like just a bunch of separate events with no correlation.

My final project is quite creative in my opinion. I found a way to show how everything in my day flows and connects together by connecting the lines. I based this on the idea that each day is represented by a single line. If you zoom in or look closer at the line of any given day you can see the individual events that happened on that day within the line. However despite the different events they all make up the same day and the same line.

When it comes to mistakes that may distract the viewer, maybe the lack of complete geometric shapes in the numbers on the clock could be one. Personally, as the person who drew it, I know it is there and it draws my focus when I look at the piece because I know it is there and exactly where it is. However to someone who has not looked at it as closely as I have, this problem may not be as noticeable as it is to me.

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