Illustrated Journal: Watercolor

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A few days back, my foundations class went over how to paint with watercolors.

Personally I have a love hate relationship with watercolor paints as I have always struggled with controlling the paint. I have always felt like I was fighting with the water to get the paint to do what I want it too. But during class we also worked with watercolor pencils, which i had an easier time working with instead of the actual paints. So I decided that I needed more practice with it and by combining my control of the pencils along with the lack of control of the paint I thought I could experiment quite a bit. I also wondered how sharpies would work with it so I created some basic shapes using a sharpie to make an outline. In the end, the outline was not disturbed at all by the water and paint. After the linework I worked with a few different techniques, all water up to no water with the faint, and overall I was pleased with my results, especially the bird. I know for a fact I still have a lot to learn when it comes to working in the medium, but I am all for keeping up and learning with practice.

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