Illustrated Journal: 17 Days video

17 days video analysis

Day 2: “Kindred” by Simone Doing and Max Puchalsky

The first thing I noticed about the video was the contrast between the background and the woman. The woman is simply lying there, silhouetted by the light in the background. This shows the image of the woman clearly, while leaving it plain enough for there to be not a lot of detail on the woman. This black and white scene, along with the music that is played over the images, it gives the video an ominous or dark tone. As the video plays the woman slowly shifts into a dog instead, who is once again silhouetted by the background. I believe that this may be symbolising that to some people, women are less than human, in this case nothing more than a animal. This kind of thinking deeply troubles me as I don’t understand why people could believe that someone is less than someone else just due to their gender (Honestly just due to anything like race, sexual orientation, weight). Either way, I am happy someone made a video, that is my opinion, showing how messed this kind of objectification is.

Day 3: “Rooftop Short” by Evelin Stermitz

Not gonna lie, the first time I watched this, my initial reaction was sacred. Between the shaking of the camera, the music that played with it and the ghost like appearances and disappearances of the woman it give the video a lot a suspense, just like that of a horror film. The video itself has some good contrast between the inorganic and geometric background of the cityscape and the woman. Due to this the woman sticks out because everything about the video, aside from the sky and the woman herself, belong to the city. The background exclusively takes place on a rooftop and the music features noises from a busy city street. If I follow the theme of a gender role study from the previous video, maybe it is trying to show how women are trying to appear in a “man’s” world. All in all this video gave me the chills when I watched it.

Day 4: “The Hero is Light” by Eduardo Yagüe

This video, like the others had a very neutral, black and white color palette. One again this helps set the mood along with the ominous music and the setting. The setting which was often leafless trees, and cold places almost to help convey the lifeless tone. Unlike the other videos there was a narrator who spoke over the video, explaining the events and background for the video and woman. The suffering and secludedness given to the viewer through the narration added a new dimension to the video and added more emotional ties as the viewer made connections. Near the end of the video, the color switches from black and white to full color as they show the woman’s daydream of being happy. This contrast between the colors and video helps engrave the idea of he being alone, unhappy and in some way even lifeless.

Day 5: “Grotesques” by Ellen Wetmore

My first impression of this video was simply busy. Compared to the slow transitions and lack of colors from the previous videos this video was a shocker to me. The video itself is a collage of weird or “grotesques” things and scenes like a headless man, bugs and floating eyeballs. I also found quite a bit of tension where the ladies were posing around the picture as they were not frozen and they swayed as if they were struggling to hold their poses. In some cases they were holding up things in a way that i expected them to drop their items. I also find it funny as the video is showing things that would be considered weird but at the same time, there is the sound of the ocean, which to me is fairly calming and pretty. All in all, the video has quite the rewatch value as each time you can focus on the different parts in specifics.

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