Illustrated Journal: 17 Days video part 2

Day 6: “To Measure is to Know” by Roland Quelvan

When I first approached this video I felt as though I was supposed to be having a conversation, as the video features a man sitting at what appears to be across from you at a table. He looks forward, eats and appears to have a dinner conversation with what i assumed was suppose to be the viewer. The video itself has a very, I guess you could say, vintage feel due to the costume of the man and the colors and lighting the video itself. The flashing of other things such as the coils and meters also add to this feel as it makes it seem like how the film would slightly stutter when projected. Overall i think the film is trying to show that you should always put weight or measurements into your conversations. You shouldn’t ramble on unintelligibly and try to “measure” your knowledge. Try and use your knowledge instead of just trying to baffle others with your BS.

Day 7: “Snags in Palladio” by Michele Manzini

This video was broken up into five scenes, all featuring different women in different situations. I noticed, somewhat of a theme of balance or symmetry in each of these videos each in their own way. For the most part they all had something that was of a central focus in the middle of the scene, sometimes with other things happening around them. In the first scene, the whole motion was very symmetrical along with a large contrast between the dress and the plain background. By the end of the scene, as the woman walked away it almost seemed as if the dress cut the video in half. In the second scene, once again there is heavy symmetry in the video only being broken by a hand that comes out to brush the womans hair. I took this as, possession or greed can take away the natural beauty of many things, in this case the symmetry. In the next scene, There wasn’t the symmetry in the same sense as their was in the previous scenes. The symetry was between the woman and her reflection but even in that way it was used to contrast between what we say in the mirror and the woman. The mirror reflected a ceiling with many geometric and symmetrical shapes, what the woman herself was not in any way a symmetrical pose. Maybe this video was made to show that not all beauty solely revolves around how symmetrical things are as compared to the previous scenes. In the next scene, unlike the previous ones, there was a large difference in the sound that was presented, as this time there was a ticking noise. Along with, and just like the previous one, the concept of total symmetries is not embraced and instead has more asymmetric elements. This scene gives me the feeling of freedom as while the location features what appear to be continued spaces, the woman move within and out of the freely. Not contained within and boundaries. The final scene it starts again with a symmetrical scene being set up. However this is broken shortly after was women in heels walk in and out of the frame. They all have different steps and strides, with some simple walking and others dragging their feet. This give personality to each pair of feet that otherwise would not have been there if they all walked the same or were all symmetrical. Overall the video in total has a great contrast in how symmetry can work versus how asymmetry can work. I like it as it shows beauty in both of these forms.

Day 8: “Nicky-Roy Chicky Arad and Or Erdy” by Eden Mitsenmacher

Compared to the other videos, this one had a much more child like playfulness to it. Ths came from the some, colors, motions, and quite honestly the crazy stuff that appeared, anything between pizza to cats. I kind of thought that the movements of the people were somewhat awkward at times but that adds to the charm of the video I think. To me it seemed like they were trying to warm up and be part of this crazy, imagined world that they were standing in. While they obviously did not look like they belonged there at first, with the contrast of the background and the movements, as the video went on, it appeared or natural that they were there within the environment. I think this video is trying to show that even though your ideas and dreams may be childish or crazy, never stop trying to be part of them. That and the song is very catchy and I had it stuck in my head for a few days after seeing it.

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