Concept of Abstract Animation

For my animation I am planning to create an abstract musical/rhythmic animation. I am drawing my inspiration from a section of “Where No One Goes” by Jonsi, specifically the segment between 0:15 seconds and 0:24 seconds. In this section there is a strong base drum played over top of some string instruments which are playing the melody in the background. At 0:19 seconds, the music adds some woodwind instruments to add to the melody and play a counter melody. Finally at 0:23 a loud cymbal begins to crescendo over everything with a constant crash.

For the section between 0:15 and 0:19 seconds I want to have a square, or some other shape, in the middle of the animation to “pulse” with the beat of the song. Along with this pulsing I am thinking of changing the color of my paper or maybe just the square with every beat, staying with warm colors as it is an upbeat and playful song. In the remaining space I want to have some other shapes, possibly lines, along the sides to move and flow with the string instruments that are playing in the background. I plan to stay with horizontal movement for this part of the animation. At 0:19 seconds I will start to add more circles or possibly dots to move with the woodwinds. Specifically I plan on moving the dots upward as the the flutes hit the high notes over the rest of the song. I will also add dots to the side lines as the woodwinds join in with the violins. Finally as the cymbal starts to build up I want to move the square in the middle, foreward in space and have it slowly engulf the page. The edges of the square should become more sporadic with every cymbal crash as the entire animation is engulfed.

I plan to create the animation on index cards, possibly of a few colors if i go through with the color changes. I am also debating using a cut out for the square in the middle, however i am unsure how much easier it will be. In the end I may just end up drawing everything in the animation, but I don’t mind experimenting.

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