Illustrated Journal: Week 3

Day 11: “In Dreams” by Samuel Blain

This video was quite interesting as it took a look into something that is, in a way, quite intimate while keeping it anonymous in a creative way. I have always felt that dreams were just another way of seeing different side of someone, a way of seeing their subconscious selves. In a way our dreams can represent us in ways completely different from how we show ourselves when we are conscious. The video had an interesting way of showing this representation, by removing the surveyed people’s head and replacing them with something from their dream. This kept things anonymous while showing what the dreams tell you about them. The people were also interviewed from within various beds, keeping with the dream theme of the conversation. This also gave the video a feeling of security to me as, once again, to me discussing dreams is in a way intimate. I feel like you might not want to go around telling random people about your most vivid dreams and nightmares in extreme detail. It was also interesting to come to conclusions about the people being interviewed, because people naturally asses and judge others, based off their caratures and therefore their dreams before anything else. Their dreams were your first impression.

Day 12: “Flashback Nuclear” by Barbara Matas

Starting off with a somewhat simple visual and a simple “rustic” recoding was a good way to start this video as it’s simpleness contrasted the video as a whole. The recording then began to be drowned out or at least put in competition with some other. This created quite a bit of tension as while all of the audio seemed to be focused on one topic, that topic being aliens or other intelligent life, they all seemed to fight for your attention. Along with this audio, the video features a woman who gets more and more mutated as time goes on. This gave me the impression that she was some kind of inhuman or alien presence. Overall the video gave me the sense that you had to be someone of “higher intelligence” to completely understand it.

Day 13: “This Dull Chaos” by A. H. Jerriod Avant

I felt as if this video was some kind of recording that was trying to escape from something, as if something was trying to contain it. I felt like it would be the type of message you would find in an old house that gives you a glimpse of the people who were there before. The voice sounded almost frantic at some points and it made you almost worry for him. The pictures that flash before you are only a set few, they become more and more frantic and distorted along with the speaker’s voice. It was almost as if both the pictures and the voice were trying to gain enough momentum to break free from their containment, whatever it was. Perhaps they were being held down by life or family as some of the images, like the swing set and the girl, give off that vibe. However, at the same time It gives me the feeling of abandonment or neglect. This might be why the video seems to want to escape.

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