Get Out the Vote Posters

beeeee-da-change-no-b it-addz-up-print sound-off-and-vote-print

Get out the vote posters made for Digital Foundations.

For this project we had to come up with poster design that could be used for a general audience. The goal of the posters is to inspire others to not only vote in this upcoming presidential election, but in local and state elections as well. I first tried to make a poster that would catch other’s attention with a silly pun. Not the most professional poster, but it is something that would be more aimed for a less professional environment. In my second poster I tried to visually show a common misconception among people of the voting age, and that is that their vote does not matter. By showing that everything build up and makes a difference to filling up the page, I was hoping to show that their vote matters. For my final poster, I tried to convey my idea using only symbols. I wanted to tell any viewers that not voting is the same as not saying anything. In order to make your voice hear, you must vote to symbolize your thoughts.


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