Illustrated Journal: Final 17 Days Analysis

Day 14: “Fingers of Doom” by Raquel Meyers.

This video was quite distinct in the sense of flow it had compared the previous video. This video was all automated and showed a image that was slowly built upon as the video played. The screen flowed from one image to the next by simply adding more and more to the existing art. It gave an interesting sense of movement as the art and story were literally built in from of you. I felt as if I was sitting with the artist as they worked, seeing them create and build from the ground up, yet everything is made with a sense of purpose. The contents of the art were interesting, all pixilated and displayed what appeared to be monsters. Overall the color palette was quite unsaturated, with the only major change in value coming from the black background , the colors themselves and the minimal white that appeared. There was very minimal shading which kept everything flat, but at the same time helped with it’s movement. Since everything appeared to be on the same plane, the viewer’s gaze couldn’t be caught on shadows or depths in the image that would normally be there. Thus the artist achieved seamless flow and movement for the viewer to follow.

Day 15: “Barcelona” by Silvia De Gennaro

This video featured a collage of different buildings and objects that, I would assume to be found in Barcelona. The thing that drew me into the video first was the music, as I heard it from the hallway before I entered. It was upbeat and once again was like a “collage” of noises which I assume could be found in Barcelona. When getting to the video I saw that the objects within the frame were synced to move with the music. This instantly connected the two things, showing that they were pieces of a bigger whole.  Between the sounds, colors and visuals, I felt as if it was giving Barcelona a crazy yet structured vibe. While you had buildings, and solid imagery at times everything became distorted and random, which I think was a way to convey this feeling from the city to the viewer. I have never been to Barcelona, but if I went there and got the same vibes from the city that this video gave me, I would not be surprised. Overall I felt this was glimpse of the city, something you would experience if you were simply a tourist. This video was, need less to say, a trip.

Day 16: “Predator Bronze” by Wiley Aker

The perspective of this video was the first thing that caught my eye in this video. Within this video there a shorter clips of surveillance footage played on repeat on top of one another. For the most part the videos are taken from above. This gives the feeling of being a bird of prey or a “predator” stalking its prey. This is doubled by the fact that some of the clips within the video appear to follow a target. As I spent more time watching the video, I started to get the feeling of dread building up within me. I identified that this came from two separate things. The first thing being the present idea of war and fighting. Some of clips hint at violence, one clip even featured an explosion, and with these hits it dawned on me that these video’s were most likely taken with “ill intensions” if you will. All of these videos were set up to observe a target, or in other words the enemy. All of this hints at a fight or battle specifically war. The other thing that made me feel this dread was a sudden lack of security I felt. It was like as though sudden I felt like someone was watching me just like I was a target in this video. Overall it was an interesting experience for me and I hope for everyone else who watched it.

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