Illustrated Journal: Some Good Advice

I recently came across this video while browsing the Internet and I must say it struck a major chord with me. Mainly because I have found myself having a problem with what is discussed in this video. The main focus of this video, is to teach artists an important lesson that you may not find in a classroom. That lesson is that it is more important to finish an “imperfect”  project, then to have an incomplete “perfect” project.

The video stresses that the best way to learn something is to do it and experience it. As someone who learns most efficiently by doing rather than a lecture I agree with this. It honestly surprises me that I never thought to apply this sort of thing to my art though. I have so many art projects that are left on my computer or art book unfinished simple because they are not perfect. While it is good to have a lot of different projects to work and develop your skills with, you are missing a lot of experience by simply not finishing. I know one place I struggle with when it comes to arts lies in coloring and shading. Hence I have may projects left unfinished because I stopped coloring due to it not being perfect. This is why the video really stuck with me, specifically the part where it says that what is perfect now will not be perfect a year from now. Why? Because you will be a better artist. I know for a fact that when I see my old art I visibly cringe, but when I made that old art, I thought it was amazing. However, I no longer feel that way because I am a better artist. I have more experience so I can see my precious mistakes, but I would have never gained that experience if I stopped at last year’s perfect. Because in reality nothing is perfect, which is why it is important to finish as many projects that you can to get that needed experience.

This is why I feel the need to spread the video as well. If other artists are having similar problems that I have, I wish to help them. Everyone deserves to get better and despite what some may think, perfect is practically impossible in art. Your perfect may be someone else’s art, that that other person may think someone other than them has the perfect art. We will always have a new goal to strive for, but that really is the best way to live. With each new goal, we get more experience and learn more. So keep improving and knock the socks off past you.

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