Illustrated Journal: Charcoal and Stripes

Recently in my Foundations class we have been working on a series of projects involving stripes on a page.

The goal of the projects was for my class to gain an understanding the manipulation of form by changing the form and perspective of a striped page and then drawing it using charcoal. I had been warned ahead of time from some older students that this was all in preparation for the dreaded “chair” projects so that put a slight damper on my excitement. Despite that I must say that I enjoyed this project and I believe that it was quite helpful. Not only did it force me to understand what I saw with my eyes rather than what I simple thought was there, it also helped me understand more about charcoal as a medium. Personally my biggest problems with charcoal are the fact that I have trouble getting the values i want at times and the fact that i smudges quite easily (As seen in the third photo). So overall this project brought some great practice with this as I had to really work to control the medium since the students were asked to add atmospheric perspective to our drawings. I am still dreading the “chair” project though, no matter how much these mini projects helped prepare me.


all3smolstripe fold-smol multi-stripe-blur-smol regular-stripe-smol

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