Color Scheme

In my Digital Foundations class, my classmates and I were asked to create color schemes based off of existing names and color harmony.

Midnight swim:


For my first color scheme I chose the name Midnight Swim and based my colors around that. Since my first thought was swimming in the ocean at night, I knew I would probably want mainly cool, blue colors. Since all of the colors were going to be in the same area of the color wheel, I stuck with an Analogous harmony when picking my colors. An Analogous harmony is when al of the colors stay within a small section of a color wheel. In this case I used blues, greens and purples, which all exist next to each other on the wheel. For my main colors, deep blue and purple made most sense to me as a mix of those colors would make, approximately the colors in which water would appear at night. After I added a small amount of green, as the ocean always seems to have a slight tinge of green. Finally I composed the piece with some bright blues to emulate the color of the moon’s reflection on the water.




My second Color Scheme was based around the title Vineyard and what I imagined would be seen at this location. The first colors that came to my head for this name were green, brown and purple, which happens to be a harmony of colors referred to as split-Complementary. A split-complementary harmony is when you take two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel, then take one of those colors and split it in both directions (moving over one place both ways). The result is three colors that can work together in interesting ways. Once I chose my colors, I focused mainly on the greens and browns, as when I seen vineyards, the leaves and root of the vines are most prominent. Finally to complete the harmony, I gave the palette some dark purple, to represent the grapes you would find at such a place.

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