Illustrated Journal: Art That Heals

This video caught my attention, due to the fact that I have always been interested in the human psyche.

How our brains work and why people do what they do has always been able to attract my curiosity. Of course, just because you know how something works, does not always mean you can fix it. This is why many people have troubles with mental illnesses and things like PTSD. Unlike how a doctor can heal a broken leg, it is more difficult to heal an injury that is not “physically” present in the same way. Unfortunately this lack of knowledge on what exactly you need to do to fix the problem can lead to many dangerous solutions that do more harm than good. However, this video shows a solution that not only is safe, but is actually shown to help people who suffer through this.

The video speaks of how using art as an outlet to express emotion can help release the inner demons that come with PTSD. They speak of how trauma affects people’s ability to express themselves and their pain verbally, which can lead them to suffering in silence and by themselves. However by using art as their from of communication instead, they can bypass this and then hopefully get the help they need. The way I see it, by verbally expressing something, you bring it into reality and take it away from the imaginary. Without this ability to speak about their problems, the problems for them stay in the imaginary and this are left for them alone to fight. By demonstrating their main using art instead of words, they can place their ideas into “reality” and give them a physical anchor. They can actually face their problems then, which helps tremendously on their road to recovery.

While, I do not think everything will ever be exactly the same for them, I am happy that methods like these have been found to help them. I have heard too many stories of the horrors of PTSD to ever wish it upon anyone. Overall this video has enlightened me in another way of how art can connect to someone mentally. I am happy that some people can use it to express and move on from their pain.

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