Illustrated Journal: Inspiration in Pain

Throughout an artist’s life, there are many things that can go on to inspire or drive them to create. Whether it be something they experienced or them trying to convey an idea, where they draw their power or dive from can show a lot about them.

In the article Walk through Walls, the ideals of artist Marina Abramović are discussed, and along with it, what she believed was a driving force for art.

Marina Abramović sought out her artistic empowerment through pain. She believed that instead of resisting pain, one should embrace and accept it as a driving force. The article explained that she was beaten by her mother, and she used art as a way of escape from reality. Later she took not only this past pain, but pain she inflicted on herself to inspire her artwork. Now while I wouldn’t ever recommend for someone to hurt themselves just for some inspiration, she was a risk seeker who believed that pain was a way to show her presence. She also used it as a way of healing ironically enough. By taking risks and doing painful things that scared her before she could move on, and create art from it in the process. To her, this was also an amazing way to convey your fear or pain to someone else, through art. Once again, I would never recommend deliberately hurting yourself to get inspiration, but I know how well art can be used to show emotion that you normally could not convey to others.

She eventually moved on to other forms of art, finding that art that actually had meaning rather than just beauty to be more interesting. I can agree to this as art is a way of self expression and not just beauty. You can use it to convey many ideas, abstract or real, to everyone else. You can put more meaning and depth into a canvas, than some people can put into entire relationships. Art is not always just pretty pictures, they are the artist’s inner thoughts and ideas, presented in a way that they hope will resonate with the viewer. Whether or not the audience sees or understands the same thing as the artist, the artist created an emotion within the audience from themselves. If the that original emotion came from pain, then so be it.

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