Chair Project

small-chair-detail small-chair

After spending so much time with drawing a lined piece of paper, my foundation class finally moved on to the final result, the chair project.

The goal was, using the skills you obtained through your previous drawing, you were to draw a still life of a chair with a stripe blanket covering it. We were given freedom on how to present the drawing within the piece and where we wanted to focus.

I decided drawing the whole chair would be a good way to test my abilities as I wanted to see if I could create the whole form accurately. However when it came to framing I took a slightly different approach as from the generic “center stage” many were giving it. I chose to place the chair in the bottom left corner and leave a lot of white space. My goal was to create a feeling of weight pushing down and at the chair as, I could tell that by the end of the project I would probably want to push the chair in a corner and squish it.

In terms of drawing it, I wanted to keep the light and dark values quite separate, at least in terms of the lines. I did not want there to be any confusion between where a line is and isn’t so I tried to avoid smudging at all costs. Plus, having a no smudging policy left my drawing with an interesting texture, that I believe compliments the texture on the real thing. Overall, my main focus past that in terms of value was how I present my atmospheric perspective. This value change proved to be much more difficult to create on a the chair such as this compared to the lined papers. Having to plan the value change over so many complex folds, bends and shapes was something that actually took a lot of time for me and was quite the challenge. By the end I am happy with the result and I think that I got the results I wanted.

This chair provided me with a lot of needed experience with atmospheric perspective that will definitely be helpful in the future, especially digitally. On a computer, drawing something will not automatically have depth in space if you just use all one color or value. However with my knowledge i gained on atmospheric perspective, I now understand how to apply that to a 2D image. This will give my digital works some much needed depth and space that will push them past their current standards (will really make them “pop” so to speak).

Despite how much I ended up hating the chair by the end, I have seen some clear growth in my abilities as an artist. For one, my ability to handle and work in charcoal has skyrocketed since the beginning of the semester. Before then, I barely could get it to make the shades and values I wanted on a page. Now I can show the form of an object, just by using slight changes in values made only possible through my increased control of the materials. Along with this my ability to demonstrate form though value change has greatly increased as well. I am exceedingly proud of the folds featured above in the first image. I feel as this project was just a great learning experience that was a challenge while still being within my skill range. Even though I am not very fond of the chair and will probably be having nightmares about it for the rest of my life (not really but I like to be dramatic), I am happy with all of the knowledge I gained from it and it is an experience I am happy to have been through.

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