Color Scheme 2


My digital foundations class was asked to go back and create more color pallets using our knowledge of color theory.

My first composition is an analogous harmony. For Loyalty, I took my colors from what I would imagine to be a typical dog, as dogs are seen as a loyal friend to man. Overall I wanted the red color to pop out, so I gave it a much darker value compared to the other colors. This built a contrast of values, making it stick out more. My second palette, caffeinated,  has a value change like this, however it is a monochromatic harmony instead. Without the value change there would really be nothing of interest to I used different browns to show the scheme. In the final palette, edge, I wanted to use this change of value to create a contrasting “edge” within the colors. I started with complementary color choices to create the most evident contrast. I then changed the values of the colors, that way they would work together while keeping that high contrast feeling. This also prevented the colors from “blurring” together, however a little bit of this blurring occurs between the lighter blue and the orange. This is why I only placed a little bit of the light blue in the palette, to act as an accent but not be used too extensively.

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