Illustrated Journal: Chair Reflection

Recently in my foundations class, I finished a work that was a still life of a chair with a striped blanket over it. When I first heard about the project, which came as a warning from older students, I was quite nervous or even scared. However, now that I have finished the project and have had time to reflect on it, I wish to mention my final thoughts on the project.  

Looking at it from a learning perspective, it is quite obvious to me why this project was given. Being given the task to not only show and develop the form in front of you using values and shadows, while imposing atmospheric perspective is a great ability to develop for growing artists. It makes you take notice of how it’s shadows react, how the form flows and where it is located within its space. This ability to see the finer details and understand forms in space such as this within a figure is essential to push one’s art even further. This project allowed myself, and many others, to test our current abilities in this aspect and to develop them even further. For that I am exceedingly grateful for this opportunity.

Now on to looking at it from an emotional and personal aspect, my thoughts are a little less positive. I now fully understand why the upperclassmen warned me of this project and, while I do believe they made it seem worse than it was, I understand where they are coming from. This project was not as bad as I was told it was going to be, but regardless I came to a similar emotional feeling as them. Personally I never want to draw another set of stripes or a chair ever again after this project. Between the tediousness of the stripes and the ever changing shadows due to breezes from the wind, I am sick of analyzing every tiny detail of this chair. Once again I acknowledge the importance of a lesson like this but would I ever do this kind of thing for fun? I doubt it. Mainly I just want to take the chair and push it into a corner and never look at it again, and I am sure others from my class feel the same way.

Overall this project was pretty bittersweet, like cough medicine you know you need but that doesn’t stop you from dreading the flavor. I understand its importance but at the same time will avoid another project similar to this like the plague!

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