Illustrated Journal: Phenakistoscope Reaction

In the upcoming weeks, my foundations class has been asked to create a functioning phenakistoscope. Due to this, it was recommended to my classmates and I that we do a little research on phenakistoscopes and come up with some ideas for them.

The phenakistoscope itself is a form of early animation that is able to show fluid motion when rotated. This is motion is created by slight changes in the different “frames” on the round piece of work, which is then spun to make the movement.

Overall my first impression of it was one of amusement to be quite blunt. I can easily see why people found these entertaining even though they are essentially never change from their determined animation. Almost all of the phenakistoscopes i saw comprised of one or more seamless movements happening and repeating at once. Despite the repetition I found myself staring at each one for quite some time. I believe that the fact that everything was so seamless was just very appealing to me on a base level (I have always liked things that flow together). This combined with the fact that there were multiple things happening at the same time, helped keep my attention drawn to the work.

After all of this, I know for a fact that I want to try and create at least two separate motions within my piece, possibly three. This will hopefully create that busy feeling that I get from the others that really keeps me drawn in.

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