Illustrated Journal: Lazer Cutter!

Recently in my Foundations class, my classmates and I were asked to create phenakistoscope with our own original motions placed onto it.  However, one of the key elements of a phenakistoscope is the circular base that the artwork is placed on. While past classes had to cut out their base using an exacto knife and a lot of patience, my class was given permission to use the laser cutters provided at the college.

After taking a small safety and how to use course, we were allowed access to use the laser for our projects and wow was it interesting. Just the idea of having the ability to make extremely precise cuts just amazes me and seeing it in action amazes me even more. For the most part, me and my other friend did not have very much trouble using it when we went back later to make our cuts. We were nervous we would mess something up but once we figured out all of the controls we were able to complete our work fairly quickly. It wasn’t until later when we came back with another friend of ours who need engraving work done that we encountered trouble. We spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to set the laser cutter to cut and engrave and everything we did just didn’t seem to work out. Eventually we just made two separate processes. First we engraved, then we cut and as long as we did not move the board everything worked out.

All in all it was a learning experience and it made me amazed at not only how amazing technology can be, but also how annoying it can be at times as well. In the end we got some nice cuts and it all worked out aside from the few bumps in the road we encountered.

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