Illustrated Journal: Procrastination

While we all know procrastination is a bad thing it seems we all, or at least me, sometime fall into the habit of waiting to the last minute. It just always seems to happen, and while everyone seems to talk about how bad it is to act like this, nobody talks about how you feel when you actually do your work on time. It is so weird sometimes because you sit there, with the constant pressure of needing to do work, and if you procrastinate this never goes away as you get more work. But as soon as you actually sit down and do everything that needs to be done it feels as though you have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

For example, for the past few weeks I have been not only dealing with my classes and homework but also the work needed to put on a play production every night. While I am not complaining because I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for it, I had gotten used to the constant feeling of work that needed to be done and it was quite exhausting. However now that the play is over and I had actually finished all of my immediate homework due to a class being canceled, I am now left writing this with nothing left to do on my agenda. I feel as if I have finally put down a heavy load that I was carrying and I now am allowed to stretch and relax without any major consequences. It is also quite liberating in the fact that I have time to do what I want or take care of some things that don’t normally get done since they are “less” important.

While I am sure I will probably procrastinate again as it is only a matter of time, I am definitely appreciating this one time that I did not procrastinate. Who knows, maybe this desire to feel the weight off my shoulders again will drive me to not procrastinate so much in the future as much.

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