Illustrated Journal: Awesome Video

The other day I found this video and honestly not only did it shock me but it made me so happy as well.

My shock may seem fairly obvious as it was almost like magic how they manipulated the stop motion so fluidly. However aside from that, animation like this never fails to brighten my mood. While there was not really a typical “story” within this video and it might seem strange to have an emotional reaction to something like this, I certainly did and I did for one specific reason. After watching this video, it resolidified one though in my head “This is why I want to be animator!” Well, not an animator like this exactly but whenever I see an animation this fluid and creative, I just get reminded why I am trying to get in this field. There are endless possibilities when it comes to expressing your ideas and stories within this medium and while I know it takes a lot of work and time, I want to be a part of that. I want to be part of the creative medium that has inspired and amazed me so much throughout my life. One of the wow factors that I wave watching animation comes from my realization of how much work and emotions must go into every piece. I hope that someday I can be part of a project that amazes and inspires others just like this video did for me.

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