Illustrated Journal: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (to all those who celebrate it), and I hope everyone had a great holiday. I know that I took the time to take a much needed break and recharge my motivation. Much of the recharging came from hanging with my family again for an extended period of time as they are all big inspirations for where I am right now and for what I want to achieve later in life. Also the change up from my everyday routine, even for a little bit, helped me shake off the “stale” mood i’ve seem to be stuck in for a while. A change in scenery always seems to help when my life starts to get a little too repetitive. I hope that everyone got time to relax with the ones they love and recharge their brains as well. I know that I am refreshed and ready to take on the final weeks of school. (I probably won’t be that optimistic when finals roll around but for now i’m ready!) Once again, happy holidays!

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