Illustrated Journal: Everything is Better in a Group Right?

In light of the upcoming finals week, a group of my peers and have begun a large study session for everyone. Normally I study by myself, however studying in group has been pretty fun and helpful. For starters, if someone comes up with a neat way to remember something it is shared with everyone. I have always found that putting facts into the form of a saying, rhyme, or a song has always helped information stick. So with a group, the number of stupid saying to remember smart facts has increased quite a bit. Studying in a group also allows for open discussion about things, which once again helps me remember things. If I talk about something extensively, it tends to stay in my head. Finally, studying in a group has, for better or for worse, provided a new definition for “study snacks” as now I have to fight people for the last cookie. One the downside, fighting over snacks does not help in the way of studying, but it does give you a break which is something I sometimes forget to do. I have found that I am often either working at 0% or 100% when it comes to projects and studying with no in-between. While I get work done when I work at 100% I forget to take moments to stretch, eat or just rest my eyes. Honestly this can be quite a problem for me, however the group studying has help me overcome that so I am grateful. All in all, I hope I can find more groups to study with in my future final studying experiences.

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