Personal Geography of Me


Throughout one’s life, people tend to collect and hold onto items that show and represent who they are as a person. These items demonstrate one’s beliefs and feelings within their day to day life that others might not often know about. In my Digital Foundations class, my classmates and I were asked to gather some of these “symbols” from our lives. From there we were to scan or photograph them and create a Personal Geography image that represents us in an intricate and possible unknown way.

My first major item I went to obtain was my toy elephant, which I used to represent me in total for this project. I got this elephant when I was three years old after I was hospitalized for severe burns. The toy has been with me ever since and while I do not remember anything really from what time, I still have the elephant. I think it represents that, despite all the bad things that have happened to me, I pull though and carry on. Granted, I have become stained and worn down like my elephant because of it, but I am still here.

The next items I obtained were my giant glassfish and my foam llama. Both of these items are the products of my artistic pursuits throughout life. I won the fish by entering a mini art competition at the Corning Museum of Glass. The competition asked for students to enter drawings to see if their art would be recreated in glass at their show. I won that competition and the reason I choose it as an item is because this was one of the first major art “achievements” that I had growing and helped to motivate my creative pursuits to what they are today. This is also the reason I kept the fish at such a stark color level in the image as this win brought about a huge contrast in my artist motivation. The llama is a much smaller art accomplishment for me compared to the fish, in fact it really isn’t an accomplishment at all. However, I added it to the composition because it shows how I have used are as not only a stress reliever but as a silly and fun pastime as well. The llama itself i just something I did for fun one day and have always kept for one reason or another. The reason I have these items facing and surrounding the elephant is because I have always try to surround myself with artist and creative values. The pencils at the bottom add to this idea as well.The fish itself is depicted to have a pair of scissors snipping some fabric to show how my are has been changing me as a whole my whole life. I chose the scissors at first to help show my enjoyment for crafts and sewing, but then I saw it in the way of self betterment. I use art to help make myself the best me I can be, so I tried to demonstrate this within the image.

Supporting and hiding slightly behind the elephant is my cat which I first choose simply because I am a cat lover. I later came to realize that my cat can represent how I appreciate people, and pets, who are always willing to listen to me and provide a “soft” comfort when I am having troubles. That and the majority of my clothing has cat hair on it due to the shedding effect that comes from cuddling with him.

The last two items, the shoes and the stars, are there to represent my views on the future. I fully believe that if you put forth the effort and just keep walking, you can achieve anything, hence why the shoes there. The glow in the dark stars are there both as a childhood memory and as a depiction of the future. When I was younger, my favorite thing was turning off all the lights and watching my room light up with stars. I still appreciate simple things like this and it applies to my perception of the future. Even when the future seems dark, there will always be some form of faint guide light for you to follow such as the stars. However if you wait too long, or if you don’t start walking, those lights may fade over time, so don’t miss any opportunities.

Finally, I place a picture of some underwater rocks to act as my background in this poster. I did this to show that my life has not always been smooth and easy, and in some ways it still isn’t. Despite this rocky undertone in my life, I still move on past and over the rocks. Looking at the image you will see that all the rocks are smooth and rounded so while it might be difficult to get past, you can still slide on by with enough persistence.

By scanning, photographing and looking for these items, I ended up looking at myself quite a bit as well. I knew that these items represented me in someway and I just had to find out what they said about me as a person. What they showed about my beliefs and feelings are something not everyone may know about, but are there is you look close enough. After all, humans tend to hold onto what makes them who they are.

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