Recreation of Three Locations

smool-dhsmool-lounge smool-bed

For my Foundations class, the students were given a choice to choose between three separate final projects to choose from. One of the choices that could be selected was the requirement to draw three different sceneries using graphite on Bristol vellum. I choose this project and eventually ended up drawing my kitchen, my dorm room and the student lounge.

Overall this project was a great practice for converting forms from a 3D location to a 2D location on your page. I know I can always use more practice with working in proportions and keeping everything in perspective when transferring visual information like this. It is one of those tasks where you don’t realize how difficult it is until you do it. Looking at my artwork, I tried to keep a consistent contrast between the lighter and darker areas without relying solely on the line. This would push me to add more dynamics and form into the art, giving it new “life” so to speak. The shadows themselves proved an interesting problem as well which came in the form of lighting differences. Unlike a separate scene, most rooms have multiple uncontrolled light sources and different shadows happening at the same time that it presented me with quite the challenge. However I did not mind this as if something does not present a challenge, them you might not be learning anything.

Moving onto relevance to the digital program, it has a lot to do with helping understand basics in forms, lighting and depth in general. When working on a screen, most likely everything will be in 2 dimensional form, however that should not stop you from creating the illusion of 3D and working on projects like this are helpful in understanding that illusion. It also helps you grasp the depth in forms at a more fundamental level, which is something you need before moving on in the program.

All in all, it was a very rewarding project for sure.

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