Karma: Picture Story

For my final project in Digital Foundations, my classmates and I were asked to create stories that were told only through images with no words and sounds. Aside from the title we were to create a logical tale with our pictures that anyone could follow. This story had to be put into video format and be under a minute long.

When creating my video, I decided a short gag that was based off of a common idea would be the best for this format. The common idea that I worked with was the idea that you can slip on a banana peel. I chose this idea because I hoped it would convey someone slipping without saying it due to a very common joke that has been used in everything from movies to video games. By using and relying on those previous connections, I knew that one of the main ideas from my story would be understood by many people. This, hopefully guaranteed, understanding of part of my video would help the rest of the story make more sense and be conveyed, even without being explicitly told by someone else. This fact and the punchline of the video being named “Karma” it should have been evident to many people as to what had happened. I also edited some of the pictures into speech bubbles, to help solidify the fact that what was happening at the one scene was in fact, what the one person was saying. Looking at the timing of the images, for the most part I kept them relatively the same length in time. However to emphasize where quick movements would be, such as when someone steps and then slips, I decreased the time of the images to give the idea of something happening much quicker than everything else.

Overall this was a fun project to direct and I hope this joke brought some joy everyone’s day!

Thanks to both of my sisters for being both an actor and working the camera! Disclaimer: One banana was hurt during the making of this film

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