Illustrated Journal: Drawing on Maps

One can find many interesting things on the website and at the beginning of the semester, my teacher shared with us yet another bit of interesting art. The art featured in the post she showed us is the work of artist, Mark Powell.

In this post, his ballpoint pen work was featured due to his unique use of canvases. Mark Powell has been using not only old envelopes as the home for his creations, but now he has sought out the use of old maps to hold his illustrations. In a way it adds an extra layer of depth to the image. Instead of it just being a portrait, you can see the locations and roads within the person and figures he draws. It draws the viewer’s mind to look for something deep, to try and connect the figure to the location shown. Even if there is not a connection present, at least one the viewer is aware of, it gets you to think about it deeper, to question the location and why that figure. I also saw it, in a way, as a connection between humans and the locations and roads on the world that we have made, as the human shape is made up of the landmarks that we have placed onto the earth. Overall, very thoughtful work and I recommend taking a look at it.

On a side note, I love the textures that were created where Mark Powell colored in the areas fully with his pen. It leaves a shiny and wavy look that I think is very unique to the medium. It also adds a nice contrast and gives the image some figure/ground concepts to help it.

Link Below:

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