Illustrated Journal: Muybridge Study


I believe that one of the best ways to get better at something is to practice and experiment. This belief holds especially true when i comes to art, specifically proportions.

Human proportions are something that has always sparked my artistic curiosity so I have done a lot of practice with it, however I have always had problems with “moving” humans. This is why the work of Eadweard Muybridge is very helpful has he took many photos and made compilations of human movement “frame by frame” in a sense. So when my class was asked to draw a few images from his studies I was not surprised. We were to recreate them using a proportion technique we learned earlier as the base for our art. Once we were done, we then had to give the its filled in shape drawing 3d cylinders in its limbs. The goal was to draw proportionally accurate, moving human figures across a page. In total I drew six poses, three in each set, from the Muybridge study using the proportion technique. Overall, i am happy with the result and I can understand why we would do this. The before you can draw dynamic and expressive figures you need to know not only the proportions but how the body moves as well. From there you can further exaggerate, however having a base knowledge in this area help excessively. In the end, I recommend looking into Muybridge’s studies if you wish to learn about the human body in motion.

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