Illustrated Journal: What I Would Like to Learn

This semester I am taking a Figure Drawing Class for my major. One of the things my professor asked was what we would like to learn during this class. I have done a lot of personal study when it comes to proportions of the human body before this class so while I am always up to learn more about it, I have a good base for the class already. The major things that I hope to develop this semester are my skills in foreshortening, understanding the human form within a space, how the flesh on a person reacts to gravity and force, and finally drawing/creating dynamic poses. My abilities when working with foreshortening have always been something I have struggled to develop and I hope that working in a classroom with others will influence that. In terms of posing, more often than not I find the poses that I draw to be very stiff and thus, I would love a better understanding of how these poses work and how to create them. To top it off, a better understanding of how the body reacts to the environment i believe will be a great addition to my knowledge bank. In the end i could just continue my independent study in these parts however there are many benefits of learning in a classroom environment and I can’t wait to see what I learn this semester.

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