Personal Caricature


After finishing our research and recreation of other caricature artist’s work, my class was asked to create our own portrait in the exaggerated caricature style. Using what I observed from the other artist, I drew the line art using a sharpie, then colored it digitally.

In typical caricature fashion i emphasized and deemphasized different parts of my face based on certain features and personality traits I am known for. My hair, for example is very poofy and large, done to emphasize my very consistent hair style that I wear everyday. There is also a part of my bangs that curl slightly sometimes, so I put in a large curl to call to that feature. On the other side of the spectrum, I gave myself smaller ears due to the fact that i often find myself zoning out and not really hearing anything going on around me. Asking others to repeat themselves is a daily occurrence for my so to show this I gave myself small ears. Finally, I gave myself a large smile because I due to me trying to stay positive about most things in life. That and I can be quite loud at times. I also shrunk my nose a little to help show the mouth’s increased size in comparison.

Overall this was a fun project, between researching the artist and making myself look silly. While I still followed the rules of the project I liked being able to draw something unrealistic and “silly” for once. I do like drawing realistically but there will always be something fun in “cartoonifying” a drawing instead.

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