Illustrated Journal: Vivid Depth and Colors

There are many amazing artists and projects that you can find on the website thisiscolossal. So it should be no surprise that my teacher, once again, found something on there that amazes me. This time she brought our attention to Lui Ferreyra, an artist who has taken an interesting view on shading.

Instead of simply shading realistically, Ferreyra uses vivid colors and simple abstract shapes to create depth, leaving a lot to the viewer’s brain to make the image. The viewer’s brain automatically blends together the similar shapes and colors which causes them to see the images in depth and in 3d. It’s a simple trick that of the mind that Ferreyra expertly exploited in these pieces, giving life to otherwise two dimensional images.

On a side note, I have noticed that he seems to use warm colors for brighter light values and cool colors for darker ones. A common technique made interesting with his vivid colors. I highly recommend you check out his work.

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