For my figure drawing class, my classmates and I were given an assignment in which we needed to trace and create a silhouette that would describe us. My final product, shown above, was created using two separate photos of me to try and convey two different sides of my personality.

I first started with me in an upright position with me giving a thumbs up. I did this to try and show my optimistic side along with how I am often there to show support to others around me. The second, horizontal shadow is of me laying on the ground in a way to show sleep or me being “dead tired” which is something I feel just as much as my optimism. This shadow is in the place of a real shadow as this part of myself is something that is always there but most people would see at a first glance. I kept both of the shadows connected, to help convey the fact that they are pieces of one whole. Both parts make up who I am as a person and i would not be complete without them, for better or for worse.

In terms of color, you may notice that the shadow on the ground is lighter. This is once again, done to call back to the fact that the part represented is not as prominent as the other part of me. Hense why I made it appear to fade away, to show its lack of presence.

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