Illustrated Journal: Role Model

Its natural, throughout our lives, to observe others as inspiration for our own life. We pick and choose the people who inspire us to be our role model and heroes that we aspire to be like. Looking at who inspires me, I have found that I have different people who inspire me for the different parts of my life. I have people who inspire me to be better at art, to be a better person and to simply treat myself better. One of these role models that have inspired me is a person named Thomas Sanders.

He is a role model for me in terms of being a better person thanks to his extremely positive and inclusive attitudes and actions. Thomas Sanders is most widely known for his videos and vines which he uploads on the internet quite often. I found him at first because I thought he had some funny and relatable videos that made me laugh and honestly just made me feel better. It wasn’t till much later that I started following his blog thanks to a friend recommendation. Originally, I only did it for the smiles and laughs he provided, and in some ways that is still true, however I started to see more of what he does, writes about and more of his “positivity” videos. He has so many videos that are made just to make others smile and feel good, aside from the silly ones that make you laugh (still pretty good though) that I was not aware of beforehand. Also, the way he talks to his fans and tries to treat everyone with respect really resonated with me. I thought to myself “this is how I would want others to be me, this is who I want to be like”. Since really “discovering” I have been striving to be more polite, optimistic and inclusive because I hope to make other people’s days better just like he did for me.

I thoroughly recommend checking out his videos on youtube and possibly letting him inspire you like he has done for me. Personally, i believe if more people acted like him and were more accepting a lot of the hate in this world would be gone.

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