Canon Project: Runes and Sketches

tylermultilinesmall tylerrunereference

Moving on in my canon project, I’ve begun developing more of the story and I am began to reach what I believe to be the final designs for my character.

This past week I have focused my efforts in developing the basis of the magical system within my story and thus made a rune chart for my character (image on the right). A quick excerpt from what I have written about the world within my story explains it as such:

-“The citizens of Estrial worship the sky god, Luremis. Along with basic worship, many perform rituals to “Borrow” his energy to make runes/ magic. These runes and magic are kept inside stones or other solid materials as a place holder. The magic/runes can then be transferred to a part of the body for more convenient use or the magic can be used directly from the rock/holder.”

The image on the left is a diagram of sorts that displays all of the runes that my character keeps on his person and where they are located. I also wrote down some notes of some of them to help me keep track of what each one represents, as they are all for different spells. In the default “standby” state (when no magic is being used) the runes appear as tattoos on his body which glow when they are active.

The other image on the left was simply me experimenting with different line weights to try and create some dynamics to his artwork. I used darker lines to emphasize where two objects met and where shadows would be present.

Hope this proved to be informational and entertaining and I will keep everyone updated as I move through this project.


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