Canon Project: On mark and Getting the Colors


Hello all, I am once again back to give another update on my Canon Project. This time I have my character drawn on mark in various views, some facial expressions and my base colors. This was done to help develop how the character looks and learn how to keep it consistent.

When comparing this part of the project, specifically drawing on mark, to the previous parts I have already completed, this was actually quite difficult or at least very time consuming. One may not realize how much their style or look can change from one drawing to the next, so making sure that everything was exactly where it needed to be with no changes proved to be an interesting challenge. It also made me think about my design in even more depth as I had to draw their clothes and hair in different angles, which is something I never tend to think about. Drawing the facial expressions was in a way, another exercise for drawing on mark. One has to be able to distort the face or some other feature to show the emotion, while at the same time keep the the consistency enough so the character is recognizable. For example, in the expression in the upper left hand corner, I tried to scrunch up his face to make it appear as though he is trying to hold in his tears. Despite the fact that his face and some of his features are a much different shape, I made sure to keep everything that wasn’t being distorted as consistent as possible. The same goes for all of the faces, but the first one is the most extreme one.

Moving on to picking the colors, this is where I started to go back and reference the story to see if I could come up with some inspiration for his palette. The first thing I looked into was what kind of materials they would have and if they would have any symbolic colors present. In terms of material, the citizens would have leather, cloth that can be dyed and a slightly stronger and heavier material which I would consider to be close to denim. Between the knowledge of having leather and “denim” I was able to determine the approximate colors of his gloves, straps, shoes and pants, leaving me with only the shades and saturation of these colors make decisions on. The more challenging part came with the pattern on the shirt as I wanted to incorporate some symbolism in the colors. In the shirt, the blue hood and yellow designs on the top of the shirt are there to represent the sky god that the citizens worship. The lighter blue stripes are there to represent the citizens, moving up in a point to face and try to get to the gods “colors” which symbolizes their desire to reach his level of knowledge and power. Finally, I put the green and dark grey to act as the earth and any “evil” intentions that try to keep them from “rising” into the realms of their god. All in all, I never expected his shirt to turn into something with that much meaning but as I messed with the colors, things just began to fall into place.

This project has been a great exercise in character design and story development, which has led me to many development for my character that I didn’t even know I could make. I am extremely happy to see this progress finish up due to what I think the final product will be. I should have the final update out this week so stay tuned everyone.

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