In my figure drawing class my classmates and I were asked to create an image that not only displayed a reflection of ourselves and thoughts, but also captured outside movement. We were to take these separate parts and combine them in black and white on one canvas to create an interesting composition.

When approaching this, my first main focus for this was how to tie everything together. I wanted things to fit together without compromising their own feeling or merits. So the first thing i changed from reality was the thick black frame of my window. From where I was sitting, it split my view and made the scenery seem divided. This in my image i made this a lot lighter than reality. In addition, I forged the connection of the different concepts of my piece through the vines on my window. The vines are shown throughout the piece, connecting and breaking things apart in the image. I was trying to play with the feeling of being connected yet separate. To add to this I used varying line weight to add more visual interest to it.   

Using the vines I was able to connect reality with imagination by blending the vines into my thoughts. Aside from the vine connection they appear on another plane to show that they are not actually real. My thoughts include my bed and pillow, due to my tiredness, a dress and shoes thanks to the play I will be performing in within the week and piano thanks to the music I was listening to at the time. Once again I tried adding shadows and line weight to give the thoughts more depth in the image.

Finally looking into the movement I tried to capture three different locations of movement. The first being the blades on my fan in the bottom right corner. I tried to do this by obscuring one side of the blade and adding motion lines. Next, I wanted to how the constant movement of the trees and bushes thanks to the wind. I tried to convey this by making the bush entirely out of blurred and moving lines, which can be seen below the blanket in the top left corner. Out of my attempts, I believe that this was the least successful though. Finally, I waited for some people to pass by so I could try to quickly capture their movement. I did this by quickly sketching their approximate location at different times as fast as I could. I would then add some connecting lines to show their relation to one another.

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