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Japanese Landscape Painting

For my Japanese Media project, I choose to make a landscape painting based specifically on the muromachi period. I wanted to see if I could recreate the simplistic, black and white designs that are found in many of the paintings … Continue reading

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Repurpose Video: Sound Edit

My repurpose video with the sound replaced with my own audio.

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Repurpose Video

For Production 1 we had to mix two separate video clips to repurpose the video. Here I tried to make it seem as through the panda was causing destruction for the person to clean up.

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Japanese Landscape Painting Research: Muromachi Period

During the 14th century, there was an increase in the development of Zen Monasteries thanks to a shift in government power at the turn of the century. The monasteries, which were built due the surge of popularity in Zen values … Continue reading

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Self Protrait Video

For production 1, an introduction video was required

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