Japanese Landscape Painting

For my Japanese Media project, I choose to make a landscape painting based specifically on the muromachi period. I wanted to see if I could recreate the simplistic, black and white designs that are found in many of the paintings of the time. Continue reading

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Repurpose Video: Sound Edit

My repurpose video with the sound replaced with my own audio.

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Repurpose Video

For Production 1 we had to mix two separate video clips to repurpose the video. Here I tried to make it seem as through the panda was causing destruction for the person to clean up.

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Japanese Landscape Painting Research: Muromachi Period

During the 14th century, there was an increase in the development of Zen Monasteries thanks to a shift in government power at the turn of the century. The monasteries, which were built due the surge of popularity in Zen values within the upper class and elite samurai, brought Chinese Zen art practices into Japan which influenced artists living there. This brought about a change in art in terms of subject and influenced artists to make black and white paintings based on East Asian calligraphy at the time. Continue reading

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Self Protrait Video

For production 1, an introduction video was required

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Final 3D Model Update

Video of the Turntable

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Final Marionette

Following within the ideas of modular design, I wanted to create a figure that had a repetitive yet a linear flow within it. Using balsa wood that was carved into similar pieces I fitted them together to create a snake like form. After, using more wood, I carved pieces for the legs and then attached everything to a clay base allowing the movement to center around the heavier form. Thanks to this movement within the individual pieces, I believe that I have achieved an interesting yet complex marionette. Finally, I used a blending of colors to add even more complexity and unity to the figure.


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