Customization Character

As a personal project, I sought to solve the question of how I would design a character (for a fantasy game or story) that could adapt to environments or evolve at will. The idea came from games like Spore, where your goal is to evolve your species in a literal sense, or other RPGs that have character creation. What I ended up creating between my classes is the character below.

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Web Art

Art is a social commentary, which invites emotion in the viewer while expressing meanings about community hardships or opinions using a creative medium.

I made this piece as a commentary on how humans react and effect things. Specifically, I made it to look at how people react to a diminishing of resources once they are overused. As you click the images, the urge to do so coming from yourself and curiosity, the images filter through different pictures of nature. However, as the buttons are clicked more and more, the picture began to shift from nature to images of death and decay leading, if one clicks enough, to a lack of “life” completely. Continue reading

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Self Critique – 3D Animation Spring 2018


When looking at my animations from this semester compared to the past I must say that I am happy with my improvements, specifically with my expressions and finite movements. Continue reading

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Creating a Site Redesign

Our next project for interactive design is for the class to redesign a site for the better. For this project I choose the official Paint Tool Sai site for an overhaul as the old site design does not work well with their target audience and product. Continue reading

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Javascript Game

for Interactive Design, the class was tasked with creating an interactive game or story using our coding knowledge. My final result of this project is in the link below. Continue reading

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Gallery Writeup

This past April 7th I had the opportunity to attend the Gallery Opening for Alfred State’s Artist in Residence, Annette Huelly. She was an undergrad from California who worked with weaving and textiles to make large works of art that used its gallery in interesting ways. Hanging and draping her work from the ceiling and walls to create a space for viewers to interact with and build a network of shadows that add new dimensions to her work. Continue reading

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Java Script Excersizes

For my interactive Design, we were required to complete some exercises and post them here. I put them all on one webpage with the link to the directory being here

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