Pop Culture Comic

The final update for my Japanese Pop Culture project.

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Abstract Video

For production 1, we were asked to make an abstract video based on a poem, song or legend. I looked into the legends of the headless horseman and dulahans for the aesthetics of this piece. Specifically, the otherworldly and creepy spiritual vibe that comes from these legends. Along with this I wanted to add a modern twist to it with a comparison to the typical idea to the headless horseman on a horse, to one with a motorcycle. Unfortunately, due to weather constraints I had to cut a lot of planned shots for the horse and motorcycle, however I compensated by adding to that otherworldly feeling with the forest and reflections.

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Pop Media Project: Initial Research

Once again, I have a project down the line based on japanese culture and media. For the project we are required to research an area within the Tokyo Metropolis and create something using that, based on a popular media form. The area I choose to look into was the Shibuya Station area, specifically around the Hachiko dog statue. Continue reading

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Montage – Friday night

A video montage of what my typical Friday night is like. Each segment is 1 second long as per required for the project. If something happens twice, my intent was to show that I did that task for a longer time.

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Documentary – Owning Pets

For production 1, we were asked to make a documentary of some kind that was informative, and visually appealing. For my topic, I approached some pet owners with questions that a non pet own might ask, and compiled their answers here. Thus creating an interview based documentary on what its like to own different pets.

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Peer Critique

Peer critique of my classmate’s, James Stephens, walk animation. Continue reading

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Final Character Design

Character design is a big part many projects within my major and projected line of work. So its not surprising that we were assigned to create some designs, however they had to be based on a traditional Japanese story. I choose the Taketori Monogatari, also known as the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, as the story to base my character designs from. The first character is my interpretations of the moon people, however instead of being some higher beings I made them more alien like. Thus I still I tried to create an alien-like species inspired by crescent moons. Moving on to Kaguya, her body shape and coloring is similar to that of my aliens. In the end of the story, Kaguya leaves to join the moon people, thus making her an alien. This is why I kept some similarities in their designs. I also┬átried to convey Kaguya’s independent attitude with her pose and silhouette.

The remaining characters, the bamboo cutter and the emperor respectively, were a little more simple and closer to their story counterparts. The bamboo cutter was made to look like a typical old farmer. I gave him a walking stick to show his fraility compared to the others. Finally, I wanted to make the emperor seem flirtatious and confident, thus I made him tilt his head and gave him a finger gun.






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